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have a lovely day sweeties u//v//u

alpacaduelist: Write ten things about yourself then pass it on to ten of your favorite followers

Oh gosh this is tricky ok

1. RAIN  is my favourite type of weather i wish it could just rain all the time then i would have to have a giant collection of cute raincoats

2. My biggest wish is to find a cool big yellow proper raincoat wow 

3. A few years ago I was in the avengers fandom a while before the movie came out but I had never seen any of the movies or read anything and I learnt everything I knew at the time from fanfiction OOPS do you ever regret your entire life

4. I really really want to finish learning french properly because it’s so cool dang

5. MAN I LOVE STICKERS SO MUCH whenever i go to 2 dollar shops i always end up buying a bunch but then i find it really hard to use them because i dont want to waste them oops 

6. I once won a competition for concert tickets from the yellow pages a few years ago when i was in intermediate and freaked out so much about what to do i deleted the email and told nobody

7. My favourite colour is probably pink or purple, but i really like yellow too u//v//u

8. I never watched HSM 3 ….

9. I’m going on holiday to New Caledonia in a few months!

10. I haven’t touched a piece of homework this holidays at all because all I’ve done from 8 am to 1 am every day is play animal crossing help me this is so far from a joke it isn’t even funny


Hey guys Carousel-chan here! So I’m giving away my pink coral 3ds
At the moment my boyfriend is “using” it. (It still lives at my house, he barely touches it.)
It is used, but it has been gently used. I got it for Christmas last year and the only games I have played on it have been mario and animal crossing, it has about a total of 20 hours of gameplay on it all together.
Must be following me (Carousel-chan)
Reblogs and likes both count.
This give away will end when pokemon x and y comes out.
That may seem far away, but my boyfriend has data on here and I’m going to buy him a limited edition pokemon XL when it comes out.
That is all! If you have questions message me, n u n

This is my giveaway for 100 followers YAAAY!
So this giveaway is a little different from other giveaways because there are 5 - that’s right 5 - “kits” for you to choose from!! I’m gonna list the rules first and the kits will be after the break! 
FIRST UP! You must be following me to enter this giveaway. :D
NEXT REBLOG this post!
THIS STEP IS SUPER IMPORTANT OK! *****You MUST message me with ONE or TWO of the kits listed below that you’d like to enter for BEFORE THE GIVEAWAY ENDS!! (do this right away so you don’t forget!)***** MAXIMUM of two!! If you don’t message me…well, sorry, but you won’t win. Also you will only win one kit regardless, so if your name gets drawn twice you will have to pick which one you want! You can’t change what you enter for after your message so MAKE SURE YOU PICK WHAT YOU WANT.
You have to be willing to give me your 3ds friend code and meet up with me via wi-fi to claim your prize.
No giveaway blogs.
Once the winners are chosen (with a random number generator), they will have 48 hours to respond! Otherwise new winners will be picked. (make sure your ask box is open!!) There will be ONE winner per kit!
Giveaway ends AUGUST 3rd!! (I will announce what time later on - this date may change due to my schedule so watch out!)
OK! Now for the kits that you can enter for! 
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youhitmybulma: (i know i already sent you a couple but) (︶ω︶)

(︶ω︶) : If you could have any color hair with repercussions, what color would you choose?

AH!!!! either pastel pink or purple i really can’t decide which!!!!! maybe pink more but wow colourful hair is so cool!!!!!! (i was thinking about maybe dying my hair in the?? summer holidays but im not sure if that will ever happen or not)



Hello everyone! (◠△◠✿)

I have decided to host a giveaway for all my lovely followers as I have recently reached 500 ~ !

The prize will be a brand new 3DS XL in any colour you like, with a copy of New Leaf ~ ^_^♥


1 reblog = 1 entry ^^

1 like = 1 entry ~

{you may reblog as many times as you want, but no giveaway blogs please because that would just be unfair}

-i will ship internationally, so don’t worry about where you live

-must be following me because after all this is a gift for my followers

-winner will be announced on August 12th ~

if you have any questions ~ just drop an ask